FTZ Production Database

The search options below provide information on FTZ Board approvals for production authority. The search is based on six-digit HTSUS numbers. Additional information on each approved request - including the physical descriptions of finished products and components - can be found within the published Federal Register Notices.

1) Search By Six Digit HTSUS: The search boxes below allow you to enter a six-digit HTSUS number (e.g. 1234.56) for a component or a finished product.

2) Browse eligible approvals By Company Name: When you select a company name from this pull-down menu, you will get a list of six-digit components and six-digit finished products associated with that company's FTZ approval.

3) Look up six-digit HTSUS numbers within a four-digit heading: Under this list, you can select approved four-digit HTSUS headings for either finished products or components to obtain a list of six-digit HTSUS numbers that have been approved by the FTZ Board within the selected heading.